Thursday, 5 July 2012

new 1:72 scale Eduard Bf 110 E

This 1/72 Bf110 E is a totally new tool kit from Eduard (possibly scaled down from their 1/48 kit). In the box it looks to be the best Bf 110 in this scale so far. The surface detail and panel lines are much finer than the recent new tool Airfix kit, the cockpit is far better detailed and one of the biggest accuracy issues with the Airfix kit appears to have been avoided by Eduard - the engine nacelles do not extend down the wing over the flaps! All in all, combined with a set of mask and cockpit colour zoom etch, this should be a much better model when built than its Airfix or indeed Fujimi rival. The full UK RRP for this kit should be around £19.50 but on the MJW models website the price is just £15.75! It is still possible though to get the Airfix Bf 110 for less than half that, although RRP is now nearly £10 making the Eduard kit an altogether more attractive prospect. Note too that the Eduard Profipack is much better value than a weekend edition which will undoubtedly follow featuring the canopy mask and expanded decal sheet. You do not really want to tackle a Bf 110 canopy without a mask! Having done my own masks on the new Revell Ju 88 I can confirm that it took ages! The cockpit colour Zoom etch will help it look better too, especially the seat belts.You can of course purchase an Eduard Mask and Zoom Etch for the Airfix Bf 110.

One of the five markings options in the kit is this 4./NJG 1 machine, G9+JM, featuring a Haifischmaul 'sharksmouth' marking and wearing an application of the maritime green '72' as worn temporarily for patrols over the Channel during the Donnerkeil 'Channel Dash' operation - the break-out of the German battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau from Brittany during February 1942.