Thursday, 23 February 2012

Luftwaffe modelling - new Airfix Bf109 E-4 Emil 1:72 is here ! - edit 06 June

 As good as last year's 48th scale Emil from Airfix was, this new tool in 1:72nd scale is probably even better - the details are rendered with a certain finesse, the landing gear is not so stalky for a start and the 'engine' and the separate flaps deployed are very well done.  Likely to become the 'reference' in 1:72 scale.  Only one Battle of Britain decal option  (Franz von Werra - ' The one who got away' ) and no Trop/Jabo parts in this boxing. Aside from that, the molding is every bit as good as the Tamiya Emil in this scale -the only real issues I had with mine were the fit of the wing halves, a niggle easily solved if you remove the locating pins. There are no issues with dihedral at all, or any other of the supposed 'problems' you might have read about, as posted by supposed competition winners on certain forums - of course like any new kit, there are a few minor niggles, easily solved. Who cares if the instrument panel decal is too large for the panel part - just cut out some of the individual dials and apply - no need to whine about it! The option to pose the flaps deployed and the canopy open is very well done. A shame though that there are not more options in this box - no doubt the E-3, E-1 sub-types will appear in subsequent boxings. More comment and a bit of a build log over on my modelling blog pages..

A quick look at a couple of my finished models built from this kit if arriving from google directly onto this page - Aeromaster decals..

A page of Emil photos