Sunday, 2 October 2011

30 year old Frog Heinkel He 219

Difficult to believe that this is a 30-year old build of the Frog Heinkel He 219! Posted by 'yankymodeler' on

Eric F. aka Yankymodeler writes ;

" ...This He219 is a bit of a mutt, combining the airframe of the Frog kit and the landing gear, radiators, exhaust and propellers of the Revell, a stretch-formed canopy was used over a basic cockpit. About the only thing of note is my first attempt at what I would consider a complex paint scheme, and the markings (except for the "G9) are painted with home made stencils. Paints used where enamels from the Pactra and Testors line, mixed via the TLAR method and shot through my dad's Paasche H airbrush. A custom display base and a snazzy Dymo label completed the project! "