Thursday, 9 June 2011

Turkish Fw 190

From Peter Rodeike Jagdflugzeug 190 ;

" ..In mid-1942 the RLM issued an export order for Fw 190s to be sent to Turkey. Under the designation "Hamburg" some 72 Fw 190 Antons were constructed between October 1942 and March 1943 by various manufacturers for delivery to Turkey. While it was intended to divert machines from the A-3 production lines, with the first machine built in August 1942, this batch received a 'stand-alone' Werk Nummer block, 0134 101 - 0134 172 and the designation Aa-3 - 'a' for ausländisch or foreign. It is not known if the following machines in the block were ever delivered  - WNr 110, 123, 146 and 148. These aircraft were essentially FW 190 A-3s, with BMW 801 D-2 engines and FuG VIIa radios. They did not have the FuG 25 and featured the classic A-1 armament fit of four MG 17s, but with the option of installing two MG FF/M cannon in the outer wing position.."

via Alexey Sulla with more debate on colours and markings at here