Sunday, 19 June 2011

"One summer, two Messerschmitts" 'black 6' - Russ Snadden

I can't imagine that readers of this blog are not aware of this superb DVD, but just in case you aren't - from the website

" ....One summer there were two Messerschmitt 109 G’s in residence at Duxford airfield, Cambridgeshire, England. " Black 6"  a Bf 109 G-2, one of the worlds most authentic aircraft restorations, and 109 G “Black 2” flown by the Old Flying Machine Company. This DVD takes a look at both aircraft on the ground and in the air. The DVD features interviews with some of the team behind “Black 6” as well as an interview with a pilot who has flown both Spitfires and a 109. Highlights of the DVD include a stunning 109 vs Spitfire dogfight sequence, very nice air-to air footage of “Black 6” and an in-cockpit camera. Featuring minimal commentary and maximum sound FX this is not a history of the Bf 109, but an up close and personal look at how these legendary aircraft are rebuilt and operated. If you’ve never been lucky enough to see a 109 fly, this is the next best thing. Available in both PAL and NTSC, you will automatically be sent the correct format for your region. Picture Format 4:3 Running Time: Total 78 minutes / Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0....."

A single click to view here - purchase the DVD from the Flying machines TV web site

 Above;  top-quality walkaround footage of the G-2 'black 6' on display at Hendon and, below, walkaround still compilation from restoration/maintenance/museum footage

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and to complete today's update a lovely shot of a JG 52 G-2 (?).