Saturday, 4 June 2011

more Russian front RK aces

"Irmel" a Me 109 G belonging to the Staffelführer of 3./JG 52 Johann-Hermann Meyer photographed in September 1943 in Anapa. Meyer was posted West to 1./JG 26 on 1 March 1944 as Staffelkapitän but was killed only a fortnight later in a ground taxying accident after being struck by the propeller of the machine that collided with him. Posthumously awarded the RK on 16 December 1944 with a total of 77 Luftsiege.

Above, future RK-Träger (Knights Cross holder) Oberwebel Ehrenfried Lagois seen in front of his Me 109  belonging to 3./ErgSGr Deblin-Irena in March 1943. Note the SC50 bombs on the belly rack. Lagois was awarded the RK on 26 March 1944 for 600 combat sorties but was shot down and killed by German flak over Flugplatz Chersones on 15 April 1944. Lagois is pictured with his Fw 190 here

Below; two of the leading Stuka aces of III./SG 2 seen during April-June 1944 in Husi/Rumania. On the left is Lt. Weißbach 1c Stab/III./SG 2, Staffelkapitän 8./SG 2 and stand-in Gruppenkommandeur. Weißbach was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 23 December1942 with the rank of Leutnant and the Eichenlaub (Oakleaves) on 26 June 1944 as Oberleutnant for around 1200 combat sorties. Alongside Weißbach is Oblt. Wilhelm Stäbler Staffelkapitän 7./SG 2,  RK on 20 July 1944, EL on 28 March 1945 having flown around 1,000 combat sorties by war's end. In the background one of the Ju 87 D Stukas belonging to the Gruppe.

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