Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Luftwaffe miscellany abandoned at Wünstorf

While no fighter units were based at Wünstorf when the airbase was occupied by Allied forces there did exist on the airfield a repair shop (or a scrap yard) maintained by the Leichtmetallwerke Hannover during 1944/45. Therefore a variety of different machines from different units can be found in the associated Allied intelligence report.

The Ju87D with the burnt-out engine compartment was V8+JB of 1./NSG 1. The Savoia-Marchetti 82 in the hangar is probably the machine of TGR. 110 (ital.) that was depicted in a "Jet & Prop Foto Album" (it had a small Italian tricolore flag under the cockpit). JuW34 NG+DN and the Si204D-1 WNr.321492 CW+KX were operated by Fliegerzielstaffel 3 before the unit was disbanded at the end of March 1945. The Siebel had a white 19 painted on the fin, this feature as well as the barely visible emblem are all that remains to indicate its use with FFS B 21 until mid 1944.

A.I.2.(g) Report Serial No.269 dated 12th May,1945 states :
"Me 109G-10 W.N.151567 13+ (blue white blue bands round tail of fuselage)

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